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Over the years MICROTECH has produced many different models of knives. Some of those types are listed in this category. Named for the Austrian Armed Special Forces Operation group, the Jagdkommando lives up to its elite namesake. Crafted from solid billet, the machining behind the Jagdkommando is highly impressive. Starting at the hollowed handle and watertight top, the machined grenade pattern of the handle transitions seamlessly into the three-edged blade, finally twisting to a deadly point. The Jagdkommando is paired with a custom hard-coated 6061-T6 tubular sheath with matching machined grenade pattern and watertight seal.

Why Microtech

Through the years, Microtech Knives has infused passion and skill into making works of art that are an apex of functionality and form. We continue to push boundaries and improve on what we already know works. In 2019 Microtech Knives has grown into a leading cutlery brand, always evolving and moving forward using the latest technology, ancient blade principles, and maximum field testing to ensure we never compromise.

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